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Implanted Eye Jewelry! A Horrible Trend

It’s not widespread (thankfully), but the fact that it even exists is worrisome. People having small metallic shapes implanted under the surface of their eyes as decoration or embellishment, like a piercing or a tattoo. But they are infinitely more dangerous than arm cuffs or eyebrow rings.

Photo: US News & World Report

Photo: US News & World Report

Manhattan ophthalmologist Emil William Chynn says he’s performed approximately 20,000 corrective eye procedures. On Nov. 6, Chynn did something different: he implanted a piece of platinum jewelry beneath the surface of a patient’s eye.

Lucy Luckayanko, Chynn’s first ornamented patient, is still enjoying her new heart-shaped speck. There was redness near the implant initially, but that’s clearing up.

This is very scary! You can get a very serious infection from the surgery itself or from the implant over time. This can lead to loss of vision or even blindness. This is just crazy! Please do not even consider this kind of “ornamentation.” Your eye sight and eye health is much to valuable. Go for a purple mohawk instead – at least that’s not permanent damage 🙂